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GPAD has experienced team to do:

Urban Planning and Design

▪   Master Plan

▪   Physical Planning

▪   Private Housing Area Design and Development

▪   Spatial Zone Planning and Design

▪   Landscape design and planning

Social Research:

▪   Baseline survey and analysis (Both Qualitative and Quantitative)

▪   End line survey (Both Qualitative and Quantitative)

▪   Research and Study

▪   Assessment and Evaluation

▪   Survey (Qualitative and Quantitative using different tools and techniques)

Resettlement and Land Acquisition

▪   Resettlement Survey

▪   Social Survey

▪   Property Valuation Survey

▪   Land Acquisition Survey

▪   Land Acquisition Plan Preparation

▪   Plot Schedule Preparation, Khatian Collection.

▪   Land valuation survey

Digital Survey

▪   Land Survey

▪   Topographic Survey

▪   Utility Survey and Mapping

▪   Environmental Survey

▪   Traffic Survey

▪   X- Section (Cross Section) Survey

▪   River Bathymetric Survey/ Hydro Survey

▪   GPS Survey

▪   RTK GPS Survey

▪   Basemap Preparation

▪   Landuse Survey and Mapping

▪   Map Preparation

▪   Database Design and Management (Using Access, SPSS, Visual Basic)

▪   GIS based survey including GPS application

▪   Image processing and analysis using remote sensing

▪   Reporting and Presentation

▪   Google Image ( 30cm / 50 cm Resolution )

Feasibility Study and Design

▪   Pre-feasibility Study and Detailed design and drawing

▪   Architectural Design

▪   Structural Design including Sanitary, Plumbing, Electrical, water supply

▪   Design estimate and

▪   Sub-soil investigation


▪   Fundamentals of Geographic Information System (GIS)

▪   Application of Geographic Information System (GIS)

▪   Application of Remote Sensing (RS)

▪   Application of Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS)

▪   Training on AutoCAD

▪   Open Sources GIS Software Training (QGIS /MapWindow GIS)

▪   GIS Data Sources and Applications

▪   Database Management

▪   Web GIS

GIS and WebMapping

▪   GIS Mapping

▪   GIS Software Development

▪   Website Development

▪   Web Based GIS Application

▪   Software Application

▪   Android Apps Development

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