Consultancy Services for Land Acquisition Plan (LAP) and Plot Schedule Preparation for the Khal of Purbachal


The 100 Feet Khal Project will develop and updates the water run off channel using AD8 , Boalia & Dumni Khal. Length approximately 11.5km

Map 1: Project Location Map

AD8 Khal located east site of the Airport road and almost parallel to the Purbahcal 300 ft road. Approximate length of the cannel is 4.2 km. Boalia khal located north side of the Purbahcal 300 ft road along with the Sornali Residentail Area. Approximate length 4.1 km. Dumni khal located south side of the Purbachal 300ft road, inside the Basundhara Residential Area and approximate length 3.2 km.